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Coolest Hula Girl Cake 22

by Carla R.
(Byron, Ga)

Homemade Hula Girl Cake

Homemade Hula Girl Cake

My daughter's best friend was having a Hawaiian theme birthday, so I decided to make the Hula Girl Cake and came up with this Hula Girl. I used one 8" round cut to the bottom of skirt size, and the Wilton Classic Wonder Cake mold for the Hula Skirt, it comes with the doll.

I used chocolate icing for the "coconut bra". Used the grass tip for the skirt and small drop flower tip for the flowers on the skit as well as the blue bottom and bra, also added some lei flowers on her wrists with the same tip. Used green food coloring for grass skirt and sky blue and hot pink food coloring for all of the drop flowers. you can add brown sugar around the bottom for the sand.

This was my 2nd custom cake I have ever made, check out my 1st custom cake under Hannah Montana Guitar cakes. I also do other cakes to order at reasonable prices if you live within an hour of my house which is in Byron, Ga.

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Coolest Hula Dancer Birthday Cake 21

by Nagham
(Lasalle, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade Hula Dancer Birthday Cake

Homemade Hula Dancer Birthday Cake

I made this Hula Dancer Birthday Cake for my daughter's 8th birthday. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and covered with homemade fondant. I used two pans, one ten inches round for the base, and the other shaped like a cone. I sliced the cake into three layers and filled it with chocolate filling .

The hula skirt was made by using a pasta machine and stuck the fondant pasta one by one, then I used air brush with food colouring to paint the skirt with skin colour. I made the necklace from cut paper flowers and cut straws. For the base cake air brushed with pink colour and added some sugar flowers. Made them by rolling the fondant thin and cut it with different shape of flowers cookies cutter, then shaping the petals to a live like flowers and also spray painted them with air brush. The happy birthday sign I printed on the computer and cut.

My daughter was very happy to have this cake for her hula theme birthday party.

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by: Anonymous

Pretty cake but just a word of advice....Hawaiian hula girls have dark hair/complexions.

do it ur way
by: Anonymous

I think anyone is allowed to make cakes the way they want and if they want their hula girl to be different then the rest then let it be.. It's a pretty cake and the barbie u have in there is great keep doing what u do best and do it ur way..

HUla girls come in all colors
by: Anonymous

The cake is super cute!! I am Hawaiian,live on Maui, and I am making a hula girl cake for my daughter...who happens to be BLONDE w/ a caramel complexion. Hula girls are not just what you see on postcards!!

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Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake 13

by Laramie
(Ashburn, VA)

Homemade Hula Girl Birthday Cake

Homemade Hula Girl Birthday Cake

We were hosting my daughter's 3rd birthday party and we were having a family luau. For the Hula Girl Birthday Cake I wanted a hula dancer. I made a doll cake using the Wilton doll cake pan and mounting it on a single round layer cake (to make it taller).

Using a single hole tip with yellow icing I covered the entire bottom with strands of frosting (grass) to create a grass skirt. I added simple flowers for a lei and decoration around the waist on the Barbie and used milk duds (cut in half) for the coconuts.

I also made cupcake cones to look like palm trees (not shown in this picture, but also on this site). For the Palm Tree cupcake cones: I made cup cakes in ice cream cones and used a leaf tip to mimic palm fronds. Then added milk duds for coconuts. I added sugar in the raw as sand, around the skirt of the hula girl.

Comments for Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake 13

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Awesome cake!

I love the cake you made. Your creativity astounds me with the grass skirt, milk dud coconuts, and the "sand." Awesome job!

by: Lynz

What a great idea! I was hoping to find one just like this. I would have never thought to use the milk duds! Thank you! It is awesome!

by: poodle momma

I was googling for a hula doll cake for my 14yr old party. she always wanted " doll cake" but then would back out and ask for something else. this year she's having a luau and thinks it's just hula doll cupcakes, I wanted to surprise her since my grandma ( her great grandma 81yr young) really wanted to do this every year, your posting this cake is a answer from God, we will be using it as a pattern thanks so much for sharing!

Palm Tree cupcake cones
by: Teresa

I can't find your palm tree cupcake cones, do you know what section they are in? Love your Hula Girl, btw!

by: Celia

Thanks so much for posting this picture ...your ideas for this cake are amazing! She came out wonderful! I am excited to try something like it for my grandchild who is celebrating her birthday in 3 days! Thanks again

lovely coconuts!
by: Carol D.

I love your ideas for this cake, especially the milk duds for the coconuts!! I will be making this for my grandaughter Julia's 6th luau birthday party next saturday.

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Coolest Hula Cake Design 43

by Richele
(Toledo, Ohio)

Homemade  Hula Cake Design

Homemade Hula Cake Design

This Hula Cake Design was a very easy and fun cake to make. I used two 8x8 cake pans and stacked them as you can see. I frosted the entire cake in homemade buttercream white frosting. I used brown sugar as the sand and piping gel with blue food coloring as the water. The flip flops and tress were purchased from a cake supply store.

The cupcakes were just as simple. Just topped exactly the same way but embellished with more items from the cake supply store.

The cake was very easy but a very big hit! Sometimes simple works the best. However, when I make another hula or beach cake I will either put brown sugar on the sides of the cake or use another color than white just for different effect.

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Coolest Hula Girl Cake 30

by Carla C.
(Beckley, WV)

Homemade Hula Girl Cake

Homemade Hula Girl Cake

I made this Hula Girl Cake for my granddaughter's preschool party. I used a large round cake pan and a smaller one for the top. It was a double layer cake for each size.

Using a Wilton star tip I tried to give the effect of Hawaiian leis on the sides of the cakes using different colors. Using a Wilton grass tip I decorated the tops of the cakes. I then added piped on some tropical flowers and placed small plastic palms.

The cake is topped off the a dashboard "Hula Girl" found at my local auto parts store.

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