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Coolest In the Night Garden 1st Birthday Cake 11

by Carol B.
(Harrow Middlesex England)

Homemade In the Night Garden 1st Birthday Cake

Homemade In the Night Garden 1st Birthday Cake

This In the Night Garden 1st Birthday Cake is a cake I made for my granddaughter Caitlin's 1st birthday last year. I am not really that good at making and icing cakes, but decided to have a go. As she was a real fan of Upsy Daisy, Iggle Piggle and co. this was the theme.

For the cake I made a Madeira cake (8oz size) using a 13"x9"x2" rectangular cake tin. I covered the cake with butter icing coloured green to resemble grass, chocolate buttons for the stones, and decorated it with shop bought flowers. I iced her name and happy birthday using the squeezy icing tubes you can buy. I put the three main figures on the cake (secured behind with cocktail stick to keep them upright Upsy daisy especially needed this). I also purchased the Ninky Nonk which I put round the bottom of the cake together with Toomliboos on a cake board covered with coloured green coconut and more flowers just to make it the center piece on the table.

It was not brilliant but she seemed pleased with it. The figurines were an investment as she still enjoys playing with them. She is nearly 2 now and this year she likes Peppa Pig. Making the cake again but only using a cake topper this time round.

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Coolest In the Night Garden Cake 3

by Emmy G
(Melbourne, Australia)

In the Night Garden Cake

In the Night Garden Cake

I got my inspiration for a In the Night Garden cake from some cakes on this website, and I just tweaked it suit.

I made this cake for my daughter's first birthday, as she and her older sister just love the show. I made two quantities of vanilla cake mix and poured 2/3 into a large round tin, and the rest into a dolly varden tin. The shape wasn't quite right, but I "cut and pasted" the top layer a bit, sticking it all together with icing.

I used two tubs of Betty Crocker ready made frosting, and added more icing sugar to make the consistency stiff enough to hold the textures I was piping. I used a basket weave technique (my first attempt), and a grass tip for the top and the cupcakes. It took a while to do the icing, but the end result is well worth the effort. The figurines I bought from a top shop and arranged them on the cake, and used tiny sugar flower to sprinkle over. I also bought the tain from the show "Ninky-Nonk" to go on the table.

I've made cakes before, but only for family birthdays. It took some time, but it wasn't too hard to achieve something that everyone was impressed with.

Comments for Coolest In the Night Garden Cake 3

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what is this
by: Janelle

Is this an American show?
What is this. I have 5 children but I have never heard of this.


it is a British show for young kids 1-4

in the night garden
by: Rene

it is on the ABC1 at 9am and then again on ABC2 at 12pm.
it is the best show.

i love this cake, it is awesome, well done.

too sweet
by: Emmy G

aw, thanks =)

in the night garden
by: Renee

fantastic!!! do you do orders?? as its my sons 1st birthday coming up in Feb 09 and he loves the night garden :)
contact me at

Love the Cake
by: Kate

Hi there I love your cake where did you get the figurines from?

The cake is gorgeous!!
by: Lila

I was searching for the In the Night Garden figures, to do as you did. But i don't find them:(
I'm organizing the first birthday party of my baby, as he loves this cartoons.
We are a Portuguese family living in Ireland. The party will be in Portugal, and they have no idea about In the Night Garden, so i have to buy everything here or from UK, but it is being hard to find the cake toppers!!
Could you please tell me if i can buy the figures in the internet?I really want them!


by: Kelly

You did a wonderful job, I'm so impressed! My husband and I are going to attempt an Iggle Piggle head as we thought that would be hard enough....wait till I show him your amazing creation!

by: Anonymous

I was searching for a birthday cake of the night garden this is the cake I was looking for so nice I just don't know how to contact u and buy this cake My little sister will Love IT
she loves these cartoons and gets surprised when these cartoons are on so ya

by: Faith

Wow, your cake is absolutely beautiful! My partner and I have been searching the internet looking for ideas on how to make an 'In The Night Garden' birthday cake as our son's second birthday is coming up. This has been a tremendous help, thank you so much :)

by: Anonymous

wicked, I think i may copy you

by: Anonymous

hiya I've been asked 2 make this cake for a friend can you please help me out ....? what size cake tins have you used ? and how did u do the grass ? would be well appreciated. You have done a brilliant job :D hope I can do it.

by: sue

This cake looks fantastic like everyone else is asking where did you get the toppers from? As my daughter birthday is in June.

I want to eat it now!
by: Georgina

The cake is fantastic, I'm going to try and copy it too. I'm fortunate to have all the figurines as I got them from Woolies (before they closed), but I'm sure you can buy them from Debenhams and the ELC.

awesome cake

that is awesome...
Just wondering if you are selling these cakes? my son is 1 in Sept. and I am looking for ITNG cakes

hope to hear from you Emma

by: Vicky

This cake is brilliant - well done! It's inspired me to do this for my daughters 2nd birthday next month (June). I managed to find the exact same character set from Ebay (BNIB) for £6 but am sure you will find them at local shops that sell toys. Congrats again - this cake is fab. Can't wait to attempt this :)

by: mel

you cake is amazing - well done!

would you be interested in making one for my son's birthday? He turns one at the end of September?

hope to hear from you Emma!

by: Anonymous

its also on Cebeebies 3 times a day

Brilliant Cake
by: Neelam Shafiq

My daughter celebrated her 1st birthday on the 23rd May 2009 and my sisters made her a cake, a little like this one, it went down really well at the party, everyone thought it had been professionally made.

by: Anonymous

Figurines are available from most supermarkets & department stores.

Gorgeous Cake
by: Susan

Thanks for making such a gorgeous cake. I copied it for my daughter's 2nd birthday and she loved it. I didn't have two different sized cake tins so I just cut down the top level and did a crumb icing layer before doing the basketweave icing. I de-seeded some raspberry puree to get the pink colour for the icing instead of using food colouring but used had to use a couple of drops of green colouring for the grass. My daughter also loves that she has the figurines to play with after the cake has been eaten.
We live in Tasmania, Australia and love this website.
Thanks for the inspiration!!

what a cake
by: darren wilkinson

that must have taken ages to make but it looks well cool how long did it take to make

Isn't that a pip!
by: Leanda

Loving the cake! Am just organizing son's 2nd birthday and we are recreating the night garden in our field ...lots of card and tissue paper making flowers (several bottles of wine as gets a bit tedious but quite therapeutic!!) Have made Makka Pakkas stones out of card and have to say looks like Makka Pakka stacked them himself!

Keep in touch and when I work out how Ill upload photos on my blog

Will defo take inspiration from your cake Agga Pang as Makka Pakka would say!

In the Night Garden
by: Anonymous

When I first saw this cake I was in shock! I couldn't believe that someone could do such a great job decorating " In the Night Garden " cake, my 11 month baby girl loves this show! Awesome Job!!

by: Anonymous

where did you get the little dolls on the cake my baby wants them

by: Anonymous

This cake is absolutely amazing! I can't seem to find anything In The Night Garden for my sons 2nd Birthday Party! I might try and attempt to make this cake (: As for the figurines you can buy them at Walmart or Zellers I have seen them at both!

do u do orders
by: jennie

hi love the cake do u take orders?

So cute!
by: Jacqui

Hi would you make one for me?!

night garden carachters
by: angela

interested in buying a set of the characters

In the night garden fan
by: Katrina

My Daughter Aaliyah is 20months old and she loves this show and she loves Upsy Daisy and have all their toys and all the clothes too

in the night garden cake
by: Anonymous

I think this cake looks fantastic, my daughter is 2 next month and she just loves Igle Pigle and wants to make a cake just like the one you have done, this has inspired me

by: Anonymous

Love the cake. I am making it for my bubba's 1st birthday and just tweaking it to suits her as well... also just letting everyone know if you have trouble getting the figures. They are for sale most of the time on eBay, also in Australia the best place to buy them is from Woolworth/Safeway.

Happy cake making ladies.. its great to find other mummies out there that love cake making for the kiddies like me :)

Love it!
by: Felicity

I love your cake,I might use some of your ideas for my son's 2nd birthday next month! - he loves this show!

by: Blex

I've never made a cake before and have always bought them from M&S, although seeing this cake has inspired me to have a go and make my own. I have already bought the figures as a present (half price in ASDA) Don't think I will use the weaved effect though, not the first time anyway

Great Minds Think Alike
by: Gemma

Hi there, I was searching for ideas on how to make an In the night garden Birthday Cake for my Daughter's 1st Birthday in Dec and I came across your design and I cant believe we've had the same ideas. I also brought the figures and the Ninky Nonk train for decoration and wanted to do a two tier cake. Your cake is brilliant, I hope mine turns out similar, as its the first time I have ever attempted to make such a large cake. I'm so glad i saw your design as it has inspired me. Good Work!!

Thank You!!!!
by: Rachel

This is just the inspiration I need for my son's 1st birthday cake next husband found the figures in Asda last week (down to £5 from £15 :) ) I just hope mine ends up as good as yours!!


I love your cake. You did a great job on the basketweave,especially since it was your first time. These figures can also be hand made with fondant.

Thanks for the fab idea
by: Lynnie

Hi there Emmy

Thanks so much for this fabulous idea. I made this cake for my daughters 2nd birthday on the weekend and she LOVED it. All the other kids did too and the adults thought I'd bought it! Such a great idea. I had a bit of a nightmare mixing the green icing (three attempts and then had to go make a panic trip to the shops to buy some ready made green icing) but other than that it went well. I made it using cake mix (choc marble and butter cake for the top) and used pink and green icing that I'd bought rather than made so it was fail proof. Me, the non-baker, even managed to pull it off! Thanks again Emmy.

by: emma 101


the characters on this AMAZING cake!
by: amy

hi! im doing something similar for my son's first birthday in 2 weeks and i need a maka paka toy to complete it! any ideas? thanks!

by: Jessica

Where can i get cake toppings like that? I want to do my son 1st birthday.

Love it!!!!
by: Jo

Made this for my eldest daughter's 1st birthday and I am going to do the same for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday this week. It's fabulous and also found the figures cheap at Sainsburys. I am not a great cake maker but my friends and family thought it looked great - never mind the taste!!!

awesome cake
by: Karen Connelly

It would look even better with the gazebo

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In The Night Garden Birthday Cake

by Nikki
(Denham, UK)

I made this cake for my daughter who was turning 2.
I used the Betty Crocker devils food cake mix and bought a tub of chocolate fudge icing for the filling in the middle.
I used 2 square 10" cake tins and put them together.
I then bought a tub of vanilla frosting and used green food colouring to dye it green which gave it a grass effect.
I then used an easy cook icing pen, with the thick tip on it to go round the outside in red. I then put edible silver balls all around the outside.
For the characters, I went on eBay and bought an 'in the night garden' character pack and used them to decorate accordingly.
The three characters I had put in the cake do fall down as they are not too sturdy so you will need to make a small hole in the cake and then fill it with more icing to make them stand upright. This can be quite a pain.
I then bought the daisies from eBay, (edible) and wrote her name in pink icing pen across the top.
The cake was delicious (even though i cheated by using a mix) and the slices were quite thick.

Comments for In The Night Garden Birthday Cake

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by: Anonymous

hi could you tell me where on eBay did you get the daisies from as I have looked but cant find them? thanks

Amount of cake mixes
by: Laura

Hello What a lovely cake, I am now determined to make my own now. Can you tell me how many cake mixes you used for each layer. Thanks

by: Anonymous

You have really inspired me to try to make this myself. I have purchased all the characters - I just have to make the cake and put it all together eeeek!! Fingers crossed I manage to achieve it for my 1 year old. Thanks for the inspiration.

birthday cake
by: stevie

thank you for a great idea, i tried this for my sons 1st birthday and everyone loved it, i was really pleased with how it turned out - thank you x

by: Anonymous

Thankyou so much for such an inspiring idea! My 2 yrs old daughter loves the night garden and this is quite easy to put together and looks fantastic. Thanks again!

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