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Coolest Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower 16

by Karen H.

Homemade Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower

Homemade Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower

My son Noel wanted an Indiana Jones Party. I made this Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower for him to fit the theme. It is the first time I am creating a "scene" cake.

I baked 2 round cakes of different sizes and stack them one on top of the other. Then I carved the cakes to create a little hill. Next I covered the cake with frosting. I rolled a long roll of fondant and placed it at the front of the cake to create a path for Indiana Jones to run down. Finally I rolled a round sheet of fondant and covered the entire cake and cake board.

I placed the Indiana Jones boulder topper at the top of the cake and the doll along the path. I placed rock like candies around the cake. Green pieces of fondant were placed around to create grass patches. For the trees, roll a piece of fondant into a cone shape and snip with scissors.

The cupcakes were simply covered with a swirl of frosting and topped with Indiana Jones cupcake rings.

I like to use fondant. They make amateurs seem like professionals. I find butter cream difficult to manage.

Indiana Jones Cake

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Great cake
by: Keri

Wow, this is an amazing cake! I am getting ready to make one for my 5 year old but have never worked with fondant so I don't think I will try it this time.

Indiana Jones Cake and Cupcake Tower
by: Karen H

Thanks Keri. Fondant is not difficult. My husband says that it's my Playdoh. I use ready made fondant so it's easier and I'm sure the consistency is right. Give it a try.

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Coolest Indiana Jones Cake 5

by Kris
(Charlotte, NC)

Indiana Jones Cake

Indiana Jones Cake

This Indiana Jones cake was made from one box of chocolate cake mix, baked in a 9" circle, 1 mini loaf pan and 1 cupcake, according to package directions.

After cooling, the mini loaf was cut through the center, making the "cave" sides. The cupcake was rounded into a ball for the stone.

1 can of chocolate frosting covered the circle and the cave. Homemade vanilla frosting (tinted grey) was used to frost the "stone ball".

The trees were made from wide pretzel sticks and green tissue paper fastened on with rubber bands at the top. The path (or dirt) is light brown sugar, and the cake is edged with the sprinkles that came with the frosting.

The figurine was found in a local department store.

The candles will be inserted on the top edges of the cave (so as to not start the trees on fire!!)

This cake is to reinvent the scene with the stone rolling through the cave. The kids might notice (as mine did) that Indy should be carrying a gold statue and not a crystal skull, since they're from different movies.

The cake was a hit nonetheless!

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What a cool cake!!!
by: Anonymous

What a cool cake!!! I bet they will hate to cut into that!! Thanks for sharing the details.

by: mom of 6

Great ideas. I appreciate you sharing them. My son's cake ended up being very similar and he loved it!

Super Cake
by: Matthew

Your Cake is so cool!

Thanks from Australia
by: Rachel

Have just written the shopping list - thanks this is fantastic - and you don't need to be Michaelangelo to make it, but am sure it will be hard enough!

Thanks from Montreal
by: Anonymous

You've just solved my problems!! My son Matthew's birthday is this afternoon and he wants an Indy cake!
This looks great and very doable!

by: Anonymous

I am 9 years old and I just want to say I love the cake.

by: Audrey

You could also use ground Graham Cracker crumbs for the path, if you didn't want to use straight sugar. It looks really cute. My little sister is wanting me to make an Indie cake for our brother, and a Brisco County Jr. (90s TV series) cake for her. I scoping for ideas :)

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Coolest Indiana Jones Cake 3

by Jen Sardeson
(Stacy, MN)

Indiana Jones Silhouette in the Sunset Cake

Indiana Jones Silhouette in the Sunset Cake

My son wanted to have the full picture and face of Indiana Jones. I searched the web and couldn't come up with anything that I felt would do justice to Indiana Jones. So while on the "official" Indiana Jones site the silhouette image appeared while the web page was loading and "bam" my cake idea was born.

I was able to find a coloring page picture of Indy with his whip, printed it off, sized it to my cake and then colored it in entirely with black and then recopied it so I could transfer it to the cake (I tried the gel method this time and it worked great). I blended the colors of golden yellow, orange and pinkish-red to produce the sunset background.

I did put "Indiana Jones" writing (SF Fedora) on the side of the cake wishing my son a happy 7th birthday. I hope my post will help somebody else when they are trying to make an Indy cake.

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Awesome Cake
by: Shelby

I love your cake. What a great idea to use the coloring book outline.

Very Cool
by: Anonymous

Very cool! I hope mine comes out so great, if so, my soon to be 9 year old will be impressed!

by: Lena

While searching for an Indy cake my son and I loved this one! We found the same coloring page and was wondering if you did the sunset background first or second? I hope mine will come just as good! You did a great job!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

Love IT
by: LeeAnne

I was Wondering how you did the picture on the cake did you put the paper on it?

Answer to questions
by: Jen

Sorry for the delay in answering the questions, but I'll answer them now in hopes of helping someone else.

I did the background sunset first. As a rule, for any cake that I do, I usually do the background first.

As far as transferring the image....I print out my design on regular paper. Flip it over, back side up (blank), pasted to a window, and then trace the design (it will be backwards) with cake decorating gel. When finished, I put the gel side down onto my cake, lightly rub to "transfer" it to the top of my frosted cake. This makes it very easy when you have intricate lines and want to make sure you capture the image.

Wow... What a great idea
by: Anonymous

I was looking for some images to print out for signs for party I am throwing for a 6 yr old... I only wish I would have seen this cake idea first! I was drawing a blank since the party supplies have been discontinued. This was a super idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

How did you blend the sunset colors?
by: Claire

Hi! Great cake- I found this picture when I was trying to find the proper technique to blend icing colors for a sunset. For my mom's birthday cake, I wanted a dark purple-ish color for the bottom, working up to a light orange. How can I do that without it looking sloppy?

Blending the colors....
by: Jen

I decided on 3 colors that I liked for the sunset. I started with the lightest color first, laid a strip down, then proceeded to the next darkest color, laid a strip down, blending the 1st and 2nd colors together where they met with a cake frosting knife. I repeated this step with the 2nd and 3rd colors.

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