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Coolest Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes

"Oh toodles, it's time to get to it! Show us the..." coolest Mickey Mouse birthday cakes.

"Did somebody call me? Toodles to the rescue." Here's over 125 Mickey Mouse cake ideas for you to choose from.

Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. No wonder so many fans want to include him in their celebrations. From male to female, kids to adults, the adventurous mouse has a way of stealing our hearts and awakening our imaginations.

Here are few of the cool cake tributes to Mickey that have been shared here at Coolest Birthday cakes.

1. 3D Mickey Cakes

Karen and Mike's 2nd birthday 3D Mickey cake is adorable and oh so detailed.

Kirk has our hero chilling in the grass in his huge 3D cake version of Mickey. It's a must see that was carved from butter cake and covered in icing and fondant.

And then there's Lenna's 3D Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake. Everything's edible except for the figurines and it feeds 30 with plenty of leftovers to spare.

2. The Many Faces of Mickey

Let's face it... the infamous mouse is attractive and Katie put his handsome face on display perfectly in her Mickey Mouse face cake.

But, Mickey's not all looks and no substance. Here he is as a firefighter, ready to save the day in Amber's cake.

3. 3 Tiers for Mickey!

Beth's 3rd birthday Mickey Mouse cake is too cute for words. There are sweet little details on each layer, but the shoes, gloves and bow tie on the center tier really make it.

On a slightly larger scale, Paula's 3 tiered mouse cake also caught our attention. We especially love the braid on the top tier, but the whole cake is cool.

4. All Ears

Not too many of us can walk into a room ears first and be recognized, but Mickey can. In fact, his ears are so popular that Disney Theme Parks have sold well over 85 million Mickey mouse ear hats worldwide.

Kerry has captured the Mickey ear hat in cake. So cool!

Yippee! There's plenty of Mickey Mouse birthday cake ideas for you and me. Get to work on your favorite and be sure to come back and share it. See you real soon!

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