Spongebob Cake by Kay C., Frankfort, KY

I made this cake for my nephew’s 7 th birthday. He had been to other parties that had Spongebob cakes, but he wanted one that was actually in the shape of Spongebob rather than having a design on top of the cake. It looks a little intimidating at first, but was really easy once you get all the “pieces” prepared for assembly.

This Spongebob cake took several different items to complete: one sheet cake, some large pretzel or breadsticks, Ho-Ho-s, and King-Dongs.

I baked the sheet cake, and after it cooled cut the top and bottom corners off one end. The corners are later used as Spongebob’s hands. Ice the cake and decorate it to resemble Spongebob. I used canned chocolate and vanilla icings, and bought tubes of icing with the plastic tips to fill in the face, shirt, tie, etc.

For the Spongebob cake’s arms and legs: Take two Ho-Ho cakes and cut each in half; ice them with the vanilla icing to make Spongebob’s sleeves. Ice the other two pieces with the same chocolate icing used to ice sheet cake. Also, ice the two corner pieces cut from the sheet cake with the chocolate icing.

Purchase yellow and white candy melts. Melt the yellow candy in a large microwaveable bowl and dip the pretzel sticks to completely coat them. Allow them to dry, and if necessary, re-heat the candy melts and dip pretzel sticks again. Take two of the pretzel sticks and dip ½ way up into the white candy melt to make “socks”. Repeat the white melt after the first layer has had time to cool and set up. 

Assemble: Take two pieces of white Ho-Ho’s and place on either side of body. Then take the two solid yellow pretzel sticks and stick one into each of the white Ho-Ho’s. Stick the iced corner sections of the cake onto the other end of the yellow pretzel sticks so they resemble hands. Place the two chocolate-iced Ho-Ho’s and place at bottom of body to resemble pant legs. Stick yellow end of other two pretzel sticks into the Ho-Ho’s. Take the two King-Dongs and cut a “wedge” out of each one; stick onto white end of pretzel sticks so they look like SpongeBob’s shoes.

This Spongebob cake takes up a lot of space, but my nephew and his friends LOVED it! The adults enjoyed snacking on the chocolate-covered pretzels as a change of pace from being served birthday cake.

Spongebob Cake by Debbie A., Deer Lake, NL, Canada

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

I baked the Spongebob cake in a 9 x 13 pan and when it cooled I divided the cake into three sections. I iced the top section yellow, the mid section (shirt) white and the lower section (pants) brown (chocolate). The legs and arms are just icing piped onto the cake cardboard. His tie is a piece of fruit-by-the-foot cut to resemble a tie.

I used a small drinking glass to outline his eyes and then I piped an outline and filled it in with white icing that I had thinned with a few drops of water. The pupils are black jujubes. The nose is a piece of licorice covered in icing and inserted with a toothpick. His mouth is chocolate icing and his tongue is yet another piece of fruit-by-the-foot.

The sponge holes (spots) are yellow icing tinted a shade darker than the rest of the Spongebob cake. His teeth are made from white icing and then piped around with the brown (chocolate). The same chocolate icing is also used to pipe the collar of his shirt and his eyelashes.

Finally, I piped yellow icing around the perimeter of the upper section to give spongebob his characteristic shape. This cake was a huge hit with the kids!

Spongebob Cake by Martin A.

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

Last year, my 4 years old kid had a SpongeBob craze! She wanted a SpongeBob themed birthday. We found napkins, plates, banner… what about the Spongebob cake. My wife always designs a cake (she doesn’t like the store-made cakes).

First she made a rectangular lemon cake (too bad it wasn’t sponge cake!) and began to draw. Boy it was looking like hell. So we sat and thought. She decided to use big round wafers for the eyes and a candy banana for the nose and greenish spots to make holes in the sponge. That effect was fantastic. The kids just loved this Spongebob cake.

Spongebob Cake by Kim E., Tasmania, Australia

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

My daughter LOVES Sponge Bob … and wanted a "Spongy" cake for her 8th Birthday…. at the time he wasn’t as well known in Australia as he is in America , so I looked and found pictures of him on the internet… and from there this Spongebob cake idea evolved…

I used a large cake as his main body……and with the pieces that I trimmed off, they became his arms and legs…I used chocolate rolls for his feet…and for the embellishments I used fondant icing that I colored with food dye….I trimmed around his eyes, nose, mouth and waist with black tubed icing. I used butter icing as the main icing….

My daughter took the Spongebob cake to school to share with her class and all the children thought he was too great to cut and eat…..

Spongebob Cake by Heather W., Pleasant Grove, AL

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

This Spongebob cake was for a 17 year old girl who is crazy about Sponge Bob. I looked on-line to try to find the perfect cake for her, but didn’t like the results I found. So I decided to take Spongebob in my own hands. I always use Betty Crocker cake mix. To me it is the most moist.

I made a 1/4 sheet cake like normal, Iced most of his body yellow, and the bottom half brown (for his pants.) I looked at a picture of him on the computer to make his tie, eyes, mouth. I just filled them in with buttercream. Let it crust over and pat i t d own with some cornstarch.

His legs, shoes and arms were made of royal icing. Just piped them out from a tip #12. I also put piping gel on his shoes to make them shiny.

The Spongebob cake was a big hit at the party! It was very simple to make, just time consuming. One tip, to make little "craters" in his head, let the cake crust over and use a clean paint brush in a circle motion. Works great!!!

Spongebob Cake by Dee K., McHenry, IL

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

Who knew that some breadsticks, Hoho’s, and marshmallow cookies used together could become Sponge Bob? My son doesn’t like the good old fashioned "plain" cakes as he would say, so we crafted a Spongebob cake out of a 9×13 cake, and used breadsticks for his arms, legs, and nose. Hoho’s made up his hands, shoulders, thighs, and the marshmallow cookies became great shoes!

Spongebob Cake by Barbara B., Medford, OR

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

Material needed for this Spongebob cake:

  • 13×9 pan

  • 1 box white cake mix

  • 3 cans fluffy white frosting

  • 1 can milk chocolate frosting

Food coloring: red, yellow, blue, black, (you can also purchase colors for accents in the cans). You will definitely need the black unless you have a way of coloring the frosting black and a cake decorator with a small tube end.

Prepare – 13×9 white cake and cool (wrap to keep moist).

Cut 4″ off the end of 13×9 cake and set aside. Cut the remaining 8″ piece on the diagonal (you are making 2 wedge shapes). Take the top piece of the wedge and place it (at the top part of) a cookie sheet or the platter you plan to serve the cake on. Frost the top side (center of Spongebob) with white frosting. Turn the remaining wedge piece and place it on top (SpongeBob’s head made). The top end should be about 4″ high and the smaller end about 2″.

Take the 4″ (4×9) piece and cut 2″ off each side – leaving one piece 4×5, and two pieces 2×4; to be used as follows:

  1. 4×5 section for the pants. Place at center bottom.

  2. Cut the two 2×4 pieces, in half. This makes 4 pieces to be used as pant legs (2) and shoulders (2).

  3. Place all pieces in appropriate places.

Frosting: Empty 1 ½ cans of white fluffy frosting into a bowl and color yellow. Frost upper body portion, making swirls and dips to look like a sponge.

Frost pants and pants legs with milk chocolate frosting.

Frost shoulder pieces with white frosting.

With black, outline the tie, collar and facial features. Color in eyes and apply red for the tie, and white for the collar and eyes.

The nose is made of yellow frosting filed high and smoothed down by using water on the tip of a knife or your finger. Water works well with the fluffy frosting to make the frosting smooth where you need it.

The arms, hands and legs are made of white frosting (colored a darker shade of yellow than the body) and applied with a cake decorator. The shoes are made from the black canned frosting used for the accenting on the cake.

Finally, mix some yellow and black to get a greenish-yellow color to use as the spots on the sponge.

The face can be made in any form you want. I chose a picture on the back of a cookie box. If you use one that has the mouth open, don’t forget you’ll need a brown color for the inside of the mouth.

This Spongebob cake was such fun to make and the children just loved it. Each one wanted to eat a different part of the cake! The looks on their faces is worth the time it will take to get it just right!!!

Spongebob Cake by Debbie W., Draper, UT

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

I made this Spongebob cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. He was really into Spongebob so that was the Theme of his party. The Spongebob cake was a lot of fun to do and he loved it.

I used a yellow cake mix and for the frosting I used a butter cream recipe. I used yellow gum drops for the sponge spots, fruit roll-up for the tie, donuts for the feet, and black licorice.

Spongebob Cake by Helena M., Frazer, PA

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

This Spongebob cake was made for a just turned 23 young women who loves Spongebob.

First you bake two 13 x 9 yellow cakes. One you put as Spongebob’s body and you cover it with yellow icing. Then you take the other one and cut out shapes for the rest of his body like his arms, legs, Krusty Krab hat, etc. Then you ice them with the color its supposed to be and put it all together.

Here is a tip: have a picture of Spongebob around while your baking because then its easier to make it look like the original Spongebob.

The Spongebob cake turned out great!

Spongebob Cake by Jenica, Utah, CO

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

To make this Spongebob cake start with 2 yellow cake mixes (first time I have ever used them) to make 12 cupcakes and a 13 x 9 cake. Then make it a Jell-O cake by poking holes in the cake and pouring 1 ½ c. boiling water mixed with 1 ½ small pkg lemon Jell-O over the cake. Freeze the cake while you make the frosting.

Start by boiling 1 c. water and adding 1 ½ small pkgs of lemon Jell-O. After it dissolves, refrigerate or freeze (stirring often) so that it is cool and just starting to thicken.

Whip 2 c. heavy whipping cream to soft peaks, add 2 c. powdered sugar, then slowly pour in the Jell-O and yellow food coloring while the mixer is on. Refrigerate to the consistency you like to sculpt with.

The picture doesn’t really show the scoopy, soft look of this frosting. But do note that you must refrigerate this cake. The white and brown are just prefab icing from a can, piped from Ziploc bags with the corners cut off. The eyes, shirt sleeves, and shoes are all cupcake parts. The yellow spots are yellow gel frosting.

Spongebob Cake by Jehan P., Richmond Hill, NY

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

I made this Spongebob cake for a friend’s birthday party, at first I was a little intimidated, but when I came across this website, I realized how easy it was.

Materials: 2 box Betty Crocker cake, 2 and a 1/2 box confectioners sugar, 1 jar chocolate frosting, and 1 tube black frosting. I made buttercream frosting using Crisco flavored with butter, I used this because I wanted the frosting to hold up to the heat and not run.

I separated the Spongebob cake into 3 sections, the biggest section I covered in yellow frosting, and then the two smaller sections I covered in chocolate frosting for his pants and royal icing for his shirt. I needed his shirt to be smooth so I used royal icing.

I drew on his features with a toothpick and then outlined it with black frosting. When it came to his tie, teeth, eyes, spots and tongue, I made the buttercream a little stiffer; it had the consistency of play dough. So I just simply molded the pieces with my hand and added it in, it looked so cool because it had a 3D effect. His pupil is a brown chocolate M&M. The Spongebob cake was a hit at the party and the frosting was delicious.

Spongebob Cake by Lara R., Winnipeg, MB Canada

Coolest Spongebob Cakes

I started with a rectangular cake. I printed the image off on the computer, and placed it on to the cake. I carved around the paper to shape the cake. Then, I iced the cake using butter cream icing.