My daughter’s favorite colors are light blue and purple. When I realized that was the colors of her favorite Tinkerbell backpack I ran with the idea to make her a Tinkerbell cake.

It’s two 8 inch round cakes on the bottom and one 6 inch round on top. I dyed store bought Wilton’s butter cream icing the right shade of blue and frosted it, waited for it to dry a little bit and smoothed it out with a Viva paper towel (Viva is the only one with no print or pattern on it.) Then with a star tip I dotted on some icing in a way to make it look like vines of flowers flowing down it

Then with some jewelery wire I wrapped around some little Tinkerbell characters that I found at the Disney Store and placed them in the cake to make them look like they were flying around it. It was a big hit and tasted good too!