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3-D Dino Stegosaurus Cake for 3-Year-Old Birthday

I made this cake for my son’s third birthday when he was going through his “Dino Dan” phase.  Stegosauruses on the “Dino Dan” TV show are blue and orange, hence the color scheme here.

The dinosaur is made from two 9″ round cakes.  For the body, you just cut one cake in half and stick the two halves together with icing.  I found a pattern on the internet that indicated how to cut the other cake to get the head, feet and tail.  The same website offered a diagram on how to assemble the feet, head and tail.  I can’t recall the link, but I may have just Googled “3-D dinosaur cake” or something similar.  I used toothpicks and icing to keep the head, legs and tail attached to the body.

After assembling the dinosaur, I used a star tip to decorate him.  His eyes are mini-marshmallows with mini chocolate chips for pupils.  His toenails are also chocolate chips.  The spikes on his back are store-bought marzipan.

One needs a pretty stiff cake to pull this off.  I found a recipe on the internet for a stiff sponge cake.  Quite honestly, it was a little dry, but the kiddos didn’t seem to mind too much.  Also, the dino’s “habitat” was a yummy rectangular chocolate cake covered with green-tinted toasted coconut “grass.”  I decided to include the chocolate cake so we’d at least have one tasty cake even if the dinosaur sponge cake didn’t taste good.

3-D Dino Stegosaurus Cake for 3-Year-Old Birthday

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