30th Birthday Car Cake with 24-inch Rims

My friend texted me one day asking if I made a car cake before. I told her no but I could do it. I am too ambitious for my own good. This was my first car cake and it was harder than I thought it would be. A half sheet cake was baked for me to start this creation. The cake was filled with fresh strawberries and glaze. A picture is what I went by to start molding the cake.

After molding the cake I applied frosting and placed in the fridge. Next it was time to create the wheels. I used gum paste rolled out thickly and used a round cookie cutter to get all the same size and ship. Now it was time to fondant the car. This was the easiest part applying all white fondant. I thought about using red fondant for the upper part of the car but that would be tough. So I had a brilliant idea to use my new airbrush machine for the first time. I used tape to mark off what I wanted red. Well the tape didn’t want to stick to the fondant.

I let the fondant dry out some before attempting applying tape again. It finally worked. So sprayed the top of the cake and hoped for the best. While the red dried, I then worked on the windows, trim and bumpers. The wheels also had to be airbrushed and then red fondant was used for the rims. Trying to get the wheels to stay up on them was pretty funny. I used toothpicks at first and it wasn’t sturdy. Luckily I had dowels and used them. After I finished I was impressed but worried my friend would not like it.

Boy was I so wrong she loved the cake and so did her boyfriend.  It was so rewarding to see the smiles on their faces and for all the compliments.

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