For my sister’s 30th I wanted to make a really striking cake of memories from her childhood. I made all the figures from sugarpaste one by one.

I made a scooter she loved as a child, and added grass mountains a snail and a bumble bee.

Then I made a sonic the hedgehog with a Sega mega drive, I I added a pixel floor and gold rings and palm trees like the game had.

Next was the turtle with a sewer background and a drain cover and pizza, I think he was the most tricky!

lastly was the trapdoor section, we loved this as children and I loved making it!

i couldn’t decide on one so managed to incorporate 4 and a champagne bucket on top!

even the bottle was cake, and used some clear sweets for the ice with pink fondant as a towel over the bucket!

My hubby helped with it all and I couldn’t have done it without him!

Everyone loved it… It was worth 2 days in the kitchen!