30th Birthday Ocean Life Savers Birthday Cake

I love making things from scratch! So when my 30th birthday approached I thought about buying a cake but couldn’t find what I wanted, and decided that if I wanted to bake my own cake then I should. I made a classic yellow cake and made a simple butter cream frosting. My favorite part is always the decorating and I love the creative process. I’m no professional and a lot of my visions come out different in reality but this cake really turned out well.

I love swimming and had a small party at the local pool, which gave me the idea of making a cake that looks like water and just for fun put some gummy bears floating around in lifesavers. Since most everyone I know dreaded turning 30 (I myself loved it) I wrote “Hang on for dear life it’s the big 30!” I used a #5 cake decorating tip and probably could’ve gone a little thicker to make the words  stand out more but I’m still working on my cake writing skills.