The granddaughter of a friend of mine, was celebrating her eighth birthday. I have made all her cakes since she was born, and since she was three, she has expressed exactly what she wanted for her birthday- flavor, colors, character,etc. This year it was to be a 3D dog, purple in color and bow in it’s hair, and lemon flavored. And an extra border around the bottom so that her younger brother could dip into that and not the main cake before the party.

The body was a lamb pan from Wilton with a marshmallow to extent the snout attached with chocolate. The ears were removed and used for the feet. The entire dog was crumb coated with purple lemon frosting and then a multitip grass tip for the hair. The eyes were Wilton that come in a pack and the nose was a #4 tip. I used the side of a basket weave tip to make the dark purple bow on her head, and to make the collar.

The ears were fondant- pink and purple cut with a leaf cutter. The tongue was a very small leaf cutter. The dog was placed on a 3D pillow and a number 8 tip was used for the purple embroidery rope around the pillow. #32 was used for the additional shell border requested. The cakes were lemon pound cakes. In addition to the cakes, I made a couple dozen cupcakes decorated with additional pets on rice paper to fit the theme, which were also lemon flavored- cake and frosting.