5th Birthday Angry Birds Cake

I made this Angry Birds cake for a friend who has me make all of her sons’ cakes and they do it big.  They have large, super fun birthday parties with everything from magicians to pony rides to big, bouncy slides.

This was a cake I made for her son Luke who was turning 5.  He was into the Angry Birds game, something I knew nothing about.  So, I had to do a lot of research about Angry Birds.  I wanted to make sure that the birds were correct, that I didn’t’ have too many of one kind or didn’t have one in the wrong place.  I actually had to play the game!

  • I buttercream iced the cake (lightening the shade of blue as I went up the cake) and did the top layer of each one in green fondant “grass.”
  • The slingshot is a dowel rod covered in fondant mixed with lots of Tylose to make it rock solid.   I was a little worried about it standing up, but it went in okay and held up well.
  • The 3D birds are made of fondant mixed with Tylose.
  • I made the wooden boards and stones out of fondant mixed with Tylose and used royal icing to glue them all together.

Overall it wasn’t the most difficult cake to make skill-wise but everyone was super pleased with the outcome.  I think the fact that there was a lot going on and a ton of birds on the cake contributed to making it such a hit.  I didn’t hear any criticisms from the kids as far as the accuracy of the characters or trueness to the game so I guess all my research paid off!

This is one of my husband’s most favorite cakes I’ve ever made and the one future cakes will always be held up against.