9th Birthday Castle Cake

I got the idea for this birthday castle cake from this website. I made it to celebrate my daughter’s 9th birthday.

Birthday Castle Cake Directions

  • I made two square and two round chocolate cakes.
  • My daughter loves chocolate, so I filled the cake with dark and white truffle.
  • I iced it with pink whipped cream.
  • The doors and windows were taken from my daughter’s dollhouse and attached to the castle .
  • The pillars were made from ice cream cones and the top cones were dipped in white chocolate and then sprinkled with rainbow sprinklers.
  • I wrote my daughter’s name on the cake by using white chocolate.
  • I took the dolls from key rings and colored desiccated coconut green for the grass.
  • The most difficult part of making the cake was to get it to stand erect, so I inserted four drinking straws along the edges and one in the middle (good gracious, it stood erect).

All in all it took almost 12 hours, divided in two days, to make this cake. My daughter loved it and so did the others. It felt really nice to be able to fulfill my angel’s wish and to make something unique and outside of the usual.