A Cake That’s All About the Birthday Boy

Wanted to make something different for my son, but could not figure out what to do. Searched this site but did not want to make a character cake for him this year as in the previous years have made for him a car, racetrack, and a Ben 10 cake. Then I thought why not make a cake depicting most of the activities my son does.

So made a simple square cake and topped it with fondant figures of – a karate dress, a bicycle, a school book with pencil, a story book , a music keyboard and cricket gear. My son loved the cake. It was great watching him cut the cake and soon after it was cut, the kids pounced on the cake to take pieces of a ‘ keyboard’ , ‘bicycle’ , ‘karate dress’. etc. So many hours of work was being destroyed in seconds , but it still felt great seeing the kid’s happy faces !