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A Rainbow Cake You Can Actually Make!

You may have heard of “rainbow” cakes. I haven’t.  Stumbled upon a professional version of this cake on pinterest and freaked out. Thought…this will be easier…no intricate details. True, but still a little time consuming. You are going to need to freeze these layers and you need to make your own frosting. I used canned and it really ran badly. So disappointing after spending all that time and effort.

So you need white cake. Not yellow. It will not color well unless you use white. You will need 3 or 4 boxes. I can’t remember. Bake bake bake. Use all the same size pans! Use Wilton colors to color the layers! Aren’t they beautiful! This is a rough edge rainbow cake. You don’t ice the outside so you don’t cover all the beautiful colors!

Freeze the layers. You will need to peel off the outside edges of all the cakes because it will be brown from cooking. Makes it that much cooler though! Make your icing 1/2 butter 1/2 Crisco (shortening) you can find these recipes online. This will make the icing not run.

Pick your beautiful colors! and color away. You need straws to hold it upright. The end. There will be many many smiles at the end of this rainbow. I saved it as a surprise and my daughter could hardly catch her breath (she’s five) when she saw it….and that “takes the cake”