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Amazing Homemade Spiderman Cake Perfect for a Boy

This was an amazing attempt of the famous Spiderman upper torso cake. It was a request for my friend’s son who turned 8 years old. I wanted to something creative rather than a decorative two tier cake and I thought this was much easier and fun!

The body consisted of two 10×2 inch cakes and one 8×2 inch cake. I frosted the 10×2 inch cakes which made a 10×4 inch and I quarted a 8×2 inch cake and stacked it on sides for the shoulders. Hardest part was making white fondant red! Boy did my hands turn blood red for a day! Small sacrifice to make for a amazing cake. So I covered cake with fondant and I piped the web with butter cream.  This was hard because you have to have time, patience and steady hand.

The eyes and spider on chest were also fondant and I outlined the eyes with black butter cream. Since time at hand, the head was a Styrofoam purchased at beauty store that was also covered with butter cream and fondant. The guest list was for about 25 to 30 people so more cake was not needed. Let me tell you that the birthday boy was amazed! The cake just lit up the room and everyone was astonished! Not only was cake an eye popper, so was the flavor! The flavor was a delicate humming bird with pecan cream cheese!


3D Spiderman Cake