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Amazing Snake Cake: So Real It’s Scary!

I had a lady call me wanting a snake cake. She wanted it to look like a anaconda for her husband. I have never made one before so I figured lets give it a shot! I’m always up for a new challenge!

So, I started out by baking a round cake. I shaved down the back side a little to get the curl affect and then I took the cake I shaved off and kind of piled it around the top to make it look thicker. Next, I frosted the cake with vanilla whipped icing. Then, I covered it with white fondant.

I took a bag that holds oranges or apples, the kind that is like made of string and has a bunch of square holes, and used that to make the little impressions on the snake to look like scales. I mixed some green and brown and a little orange together and airbrushed it and I used a paint brush to make some circular designs.

When I was finished and it looked the right color, I sprayed a silver shimmer color on it to get a wet look affect. It was looking pretty good so far!.

For the head I used modeling chocholate. It’s easy to smooth and shape. I molded it into the shape of a snake head and then used my fingers to smooth it out. Next, using my finger, I pressed in a couple of spots for the eyes. I used a tooth pick and poked the nose holes in and cut the shape of the mouth. Then, I colored the head to match the snake body I had just finished. I made some eyes out of fondant (they were just small white cut-outs) and then painted the black pupils on.

Next, I sat the head right in the middle of the cake and added some more fondant to make the head blend in a little better.

It was finished! And then… the lady never showed up to get it! So I gave it to my friend’s kids and they took it home to scare their dad with it because he is super scared of snakes. They told me he thought it was real when he first saw it and freaked out! So that was pretty funny! Lol! I enjoyed it!