Amazing Snake Cake

I cannot believe I actually agreed to make this cake!  This was for a surprise party and the guy hated snakes – however I made sure the cake was irresistible in flavor! It was vanilla cake with almond butter cream!  It looked so real that my dog barked at it!  I took 3 round cakes and carved away – it took several attempts to get the shape I was looking for.  The head is made out of rice krispie treats and the eyes were black fondant.

After covering the carved cake in buttercream icing I then covered it with yellow fondant.  To get the scales on the snake I simply used an onion sack while the fondant was rolled out flat.  Then I air brushed with gold and browns.  This definitely was a conversation piece and I wished I could have seen his face when he first laid eyes on it!  Don’t be afraid to look at it close up – it was delicious