Angry Birds Cake for My Sweet 5 Year Old

After a few years of making cakes for friends and family, I finally decided I should probably do a great one for my own kid too! I’m totally self taught and just have fun experimenting. My son usually gets plain cakes with simple icing or store bought ones because I’m always too busy planning the party, but decided to grant his wish and make him an Angry Birds cake as requested.

This was a strawberry yogurt flavored cake with butter cream icing. It’s actually way easier than it looks, using the grass/hair icing tip, “chocolate rocks” from the Bulk Barn and chocolate cookies for the blocks. The birds were made from Rice Krispie squares rolled into the right shapes and covered in fondant. Of course the kids loved it, but none of the kids would eat any cake! They all fought over the birds instead! Ha, ha.