I searched the web for ideas on a cut out cake of Ariel as a Mermaid, I didn’t find what I was looking for. So after making two 9 X 13 cakes I made my own. This would be easy for anyone to duplicate. I tried to  make the most of Ariel so that I could get as much cake as possible, hence the large tail and big hair. I tried to find the thin red licorice for her hair but was unable to. I used a great butter cream frosting recipe but the second batch did separate. I had frozen the cakes previously and was frosting it as it was still frozen, so as I was frosting the cake it being frozen really helped with the separating issue.

I used sour apple rings cut in half for the tail scales (I am a huge fan of fun candy being on a cut out cake), eyelashes were black licorice as was the details in the tail and around her middle. I used a light green and dark green frosting to distinquish between the tail and the base and her middle.  You can see there is red licorice for the waves in her hair and i used black jelly beans ends for her eyes (I had to cut them off).  Her lips were the insides of a red gum drop, I did use a store bought black frosting tube for outlining her arms and chin/eyes