Coolest Aircraft Carrier Cake

I got my army theme birthday party cake inspiration from my son’s toys. My son was into fighter jet planes so when his birthday approached I tried to find an idea to incorporate his favorite toys into his army theme birthday party celebration. I was looking at his toys lying on the floor and I thought I’d make an aircraft carrier cake. The cake can display his favorite jet planes so his friends can enjoy them too on his birthday.

Here is the step by step how I prepared the cake: Baking – I used a Betty Crocker Super moist dark chocolate cake mix (three boxes) and three cups of chocolate puddings for the cakes. During summer when the weather is hot I’ll avoid serving more filling flavored, instead I’ll use more airy flavor like lemon cake. Bake the cakes in square foil pans. From the mix I could get six square cakes.

Cool the baked cakes by leaving them in room temperature area and then put the foil lids on and keep them in the fridge until you have time to decorate the cake. By putting the cake in the fridge it will help the cake to set down and will not easily crumple when is being cut into shapes.

Aircraft Carrier Cake
Aircraft Carrier Cake

Decorating: Use the leveler to level the cakes and then shape the cake into an aircraft carrier shape. Make the frosting from scratch or use premade frosting. I used this recipe: Swiss meringue butter cream frosting by Dyann (I used vegetable shortening to have white frosting instead of a yellow one).

Color the frosting (I set a side some white frosting and recolored the rest). I put layers of white frosting on the bottom of the cake (to avoid the cake to move around) and between different pieces of the cake (to keep them together) and all over the cake to seal the loose crumbs (white frosting is for the first layer, the grey colored frosting is applied on top of the white frosting as the second layer). You can use both layers colored if you want.

Aircraft Carrier Cake

You can make lines/drawings decorations on top of the cake with a candy decorating pen by Wilton. And you’re done! Make sure when you make big size cake that you make sure how many days that your frosting will keep fresh in room temperature area.

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