Art Inspired Hot Air Balloon Cake

A little artist was the inspiration for this hot air balloon cake. Yes, this cake was in fact designed by my 6 year old daughter, Mali. She wanted to give her cousin Emily, who was turning 10, a surprise party and she wanted me to make the cake that she had drawn for her.

Mali’s idea sounded like a great one, so I decided to go along with the boss’ request… Lol! ;)  As noted, the cake she wanted me to make was to be a replica of her hand drawn hot air balloon. It had to include clouds and kittens. It also had to have a leopard print inside. It was quite fun being told by a 6 year old how to make a cake.

Making the Hot Air Balloon Cake

  • I ended up making a sponge cake with buttercream frosting.
  • I did get in minor trouble from the designer when my leopard print sponge ended up looking like zebra print! Whoopsy!
  • The rest of the cake went according to plan though.
  • The outside was covered in buttercream.
  • The balloon was made from Styrofoam and covered with fondant.
  • The kittens and basket were also made with fondant.

I had a great time working with my little one. It was a great day and the party went as planned.

Emily (the birthday girl) was super excited and she loved her cake!


Art Inspired Hot Air Balloon Cake