Awesome Doctor Who Tardis Birthday Cake

doctor who tardis cake

Right now, before I start, I just want to say that I have very little experience in cake making (especially a Doctor Who Tardis cake!). But in general I just have a flair for design. It’s amazing that with a little bit of effort you can achieve wonders. I was asked by a close friend … Read more

Disgustingly Chocolatey Brownie Feast Cake

Disgustingly Chocolatey Brownie Feast Cake

Well, I actually made this disgustingly Chocolatey Brownie feast cake¬†for my 30th birthday earlier in the year (2012). I decided to have a party at my parents house as it was the summer time here in the UK so an outdoor party was planned in the gardens. All my friends know that I like to … Read more

Totally Amazing Homemade Camera Cake

Homemade Camera Cake

I’ve just finished this camera cake for my dad’s 60th birthday, as you can see he’s mad about his camera. I’ve not done this as an exact replica, just made my own changes and put a spin on it. It’s a Madeira sponge with vanilla butter cream filling. I used jet black icing to cover … Read more