Coolest Indiana Jones Monkey Brain Cake

This cake was also made for Bruno, my friend´s son, he loves Indiana Jones. Last year we, my husband and I, worked in a replica of the fertility idol scene, but this year we made the fertility idol and this monkey brain cake. At first we thought it was a gross cake for a 5 … Read more

Coolest Indiana Jones Fertility Idol Birthday Cake

Just as we said last year, my husband and I decided to make a Fertility Idol birthday cake for Bruno´s 5th birthday, his love and admiration for Indiana Jones has not diminished one bit over this year, so we started to work in a fondant Fertility Idol actual size figure, so he could recreate the … Read more

Coolest Indi Birthday Cake

Homemade Indi Birthday Cake

This Indi Birthday Cake was made for one of my friend´s son’s (Bruno), he is only 4, but he loves Indi, you cannot imagine how much he loves him. The idea came one day, when his father asked for a cake of Indi, but I´m not a real fan of Indi, so he sent to … Read more