Cool Homemade Bob the Builder Face Cake

Homemade Bob the Builder Cake

This Bob the Builder cake was so much fun. The cake itself was just a simple round, smeared in butter cream. Then I covered it it a skin colored homemade marshmallow fondant. Making these colors was incredibly time consuming! Sculpting the nose took a bit of work. Cutting the hat was pretty simple. The square … Read more

Coolest Thomas the Train Cake

Homemade Thomas the Train Cake

This Thomas the Train Cake took a lot of crafting. I made a loaf pan cake to start off Thomas then made several mini loaves to stack and create Thomas’s shape. He was covered in butter cream and fondant and I had a lot of trouble shaping the fondant to the irregular shape. I ended … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Death Star Cake

Homemade Death Star Cake

This Death Star Cake was such a great experience. I started with a half ball pan planning to make two to place together. Didn’t put in enough batter so ended up having to make another full cake and cut the needed circle out of it to make it shape more or less correctly. It is … Read more