Coolest Cute Monkey Cupcakes

Homemade Cute Monkey Cupcakes

For my son’s daycare class, the Monkeys, I decided what better birthday theme to go with than – monkeys. My son loves them, and what 3 year old doesn’t? I scanned monkey cupcake images on the internet and chose to use Wilton’s idea as my guide. I printed and cut out the template shapes on … Read more

Coolest Calliou Coloring Book Cake

Homemade Calliou Coloring Book Cake

My brother’s family moved back to NJ from Chicago this year and one of the many benefits is being able to celebrate all special occasions together again. My niece’s 2nd birthday was one of those moments and hey…..Aunt J used to make really cool cakes. By “used” to, it has been approximately 2 years since … Read more