Coolest 40 Years Young Spinner Cake

40 Years Young Spinner Cake

This Spinner cake was for my son in law Scott. He turned 40 which is a hard age for some. He took it very well and really liked the cake. The cake is a yellow cake with blueberry filling. It has two ten inch rounds tarted and filled. It was frosted with butter creme icing. … Read more

Coolest Mascot Graduation Cake

Homemade Mascot Graduation Cake

I made this Mascot Graduation Cake for my Grandson’s High school graduation. It is one of three that I made for this event. It is a white cake with white chocolate ganache filling. It is frosted with Italian butter creme frosting. It is made from 2- 10″ round cakes. The characters are made from homemade … Read more

Coolest Snowmobile Racing Cake

Homemade Snowmobile Racing Cake

I made this cake Homemade Snowmobile Racing Cake for my grandson’s birthday. He turned 16 and loves snowmobiles and football. The bottom layer is a 15×11 sheet cake. The other layers are two 13×9 curved in the shape of the race track. The figures are made of gumpaste and the snowmobiles I bought online. I … Read more