Coolest Ninetendo’s Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

As a kid, one of my favorite memories with my middle brother was playing Super Mario Brothers with him, so when his birthday came around this year, I decided to decorate it from those memories. I got a head start on this a couple of days before I made the cake.  The controllers are made … Read more

Frozen Birthday Cake With Ice Candy

Frozen Birthday Cake With Ice Candy

I made this Frozen birthday cake for my daughter. Frozen… the movie that literally every mom knows.  In fact, I bet every mom knows every single word to the song, “Let It Go.”  Backwards.  Maybe even in Chinese.  I’ve gone as far as getting the sheet music and downloading background music to play it on my … Read more

Awesome Princess Castle Cake

Awesome Princess Castle Cake

For my daughter’s 4th birthday party this year, she wanted a princess themed party with a pink princess castle cake.  Since I hadn’t done this before, the project was exciting, and I put together a vision of what it was supposed to look like in my head. The first draft had three tiers, with the … Read more

Ultimate 40th Birthday Girly Cake

Ultimate 40th Birthday Girly Cake

When one of my friends e-mailed me about making a 40th birthday cake for one of our friends, I jumped all over the opportunity. What makes it even more fun was that the party was a surprise. Shhh! Well, I guess it’s okay now, since the party has already taken place.  So, the creative juices … Read more

Coolest Monkey Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Monkey Baby Shower Cake

The Monkey Baby Shower Cake was a 3 layer 14 inch round cinnamon cake. I used cream cheese icing and piped it all over as stars, and made the rattles, baby bottles, safety pins and letters out of chocolate. The monkey is also made out of solid chocolate, and it ended up weighing 4 lbs! … Read more

Coolest Mountain Cake

Homemade Mountain Cake

I called my dad to ask him what flavor cake he wanted for his birthday, so we started talking. He wanted a yellow cake with cream cheese icing, a regular sheet cake. I asked him what his favorite color was, and he said, “Hmm, well I guess blue or green. That’s really what I love … Read more

Coolest Hula Girl Luau Birthday Cake

Homemade Hula Girl Luau Birthday Cake

This Homemade Hula Girl Luau Birthday Cake was for my daughter’s 1st birthday party, a big luau. The water is made out of blue tinted piping gel, the middle tier is surrounded by pirouettes, the sand is graham cracker crumbs, the seashells, letters and flowers are all made out of chocolate. The bottom tier is … Read more

Coolest Singing Christmas Tree Cake

Homemade Singing Christmas Tree Cake

My Granddad called me about making a cake. His church has the Singing Christmas Tree, and he was wondering if I could make a cake that somewhat resembled the tree. After looking up pictures of the singing Christmas tree, I decided to go with a 3-D layout, making a tiered cake. This cake was 4 … Read more

Coolest Waiting for Santa Christmas Cake

Homemade Waiting for Santa Christmas Cake

This Homemade Waiting for Santa Christmas Cake is a 3 layer 10 inch Neapolitan cake, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I was trying to decide how to decorate the sides of this cake since it was so tall, and wanted to do something a little different. Here, I used a size 10 tip and piped on … Read more

Coolest Santa Fell in Chimney Cake

Homemade Santa Fell in Chimney Cake

Every year, our extended family gets together for a large Christmas celebration. This year, I decided to make a large, pretty cake for everyone including chocolate decorations. The kids are sure to love the chocolate! This Santa Fell in Chimney Cake is a 11×15 inch Neapolitan cake. The bottom layer is chocolate, middle layer is … Read more

Coolest Homemade Halloween Cake

Homemade Halloween Cake

The base of this Halloween Cake is a 2 layer 12 inch cake. The bottom layer is yellow, and the top layer is chocolate. Wanted to mix it up a little bit. The house is made of an 8 inch cake that I cut up into 4 equal squares, and stacked the layers on top … Read more

Coolest 2012 New Year’s Cake

Homemade 2012 New Year's Cake

The bottom tier of the 2012 New Year’s cake is a 2 layer 12 inch square cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing in between the layers, covered with butter cream icing. The top tier is a 3 layer 8 inch square chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between the layers, covered with chocolate icing that … Read more