Colorful Homemade Race Car Cake

Coolest Race Car Cake

For my son’s 2nd birthday, I had a transportation party. I made a fire truck cake, a race car cake and a train cake. This was the race car cake. I bought a Wilton race car mold which made it easy. I used the homemade white cake recipe I always use from the Better Homes … Read more

Cool Pirate Ship Birthday Cake for 4-Year Old

Cool Pirate Ship Birthday Cake for 4-Year Old

My son wanted a pirate theme for his 4th birthday party. I used a pirate ship cake mold for the base of the cake. I used a firm buttermilk white cake recipe from Better Homes New Cook Book to ensure that it popped out easily and stayed standing. I always use Crisco and flour too … Read more

Spiderman Birthday Cake Using the Wilton Cake Pan

Spiderman Birthday Cake Using the Wilton Cake Pan

My son wanted a Spider-Man cake for his 5th birthday party. I used a Wilton cake pan and followed the instructions. I used a homemade buttermilk white cake recipe from the Better Homes New Cook Book that I always use for making cakes.  It is firmer than a box mix and of course tastes a lot better.  … Read more

Coolest Circus Clown Cake

Homemade Circus Clown Cake

I had a circus theme for my son’s first birthday. The circus clown cake was a white cake that I made from scratch from the Better Homes and Garden’s cook book. Excellent recipe. The frosting was Wilton’s recipe for buttercream. Also excellent. I used 2 12-inch round pans to make the bottom layer, 2 9-inch … Read more

Cute and Simple 2nd Birthday Train Cake

Homemade 2nd Birthday Train Cake

I made this 2nd birthday train cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. I did a transportation theme. I used a Wilton train cake pan and decorated it with butter cream frosting. The cake recipe I used was a little dense which made it better for standing up. I used Oreos for the wheels, an ice … Read more

Cool Homemade Baseball Glove Cake

Homemade Baseball Glove Cake

I made this baseball glove cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party. He was crazy about baseball. I used a Wilton glove pan. I made a white cake with butter cream frosting. It was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made except for making the different colored browns/tans. I had to add red … Read more