Easy Homemade Buttercream Hamburger Cake

Homemade Hamburger Cake

This was made of 3 cakes, two yellow cake 8″ round for the buns & one chocolate cake 9″ round for the burger. The natural rounded top on the cake made the perfect bun! Bottom 8″ round leveled off and frosted, and placed 9″ round on top of that frosted it dark chocolate for the … Read more

Coolest Poker Pair Cake

Homemade Poker Pair Cake

This cake was made for my mom’s 55th birthday (hence the pair of 5’s) plus green is her favorite color. I did 3 8″round cakes, leveled them out and covered them with a thin layer of fondant then placed them just slightly off center from each other (being careful to keep the weight all in … Read more

Coolest Princess Coach Cake

Homemade Princess Coach Cake

This cake was made for a little girl who loves Cinderella. I made this homemade princess coach cake using 2 bundt cakes that I baked, I used chocolate cake as per the kids request. Then 2 ice cream cones in the center (flat bottom cones). Ice the homemade princess coach cake, drop one cone in … Read more

Coolest Megaphone Cake

Homemade  Megaphone Cake

I used a sheet cake pan and made a basic boxed cake. Then cut out the megaphone shape. Covered it with a crumb coating then white fondant. Spray painted it with Duff’s edible cake paint (silver) and made some black fondant accessories and a handle. The Megaphone Cake was super simple to make and looks … Read more

Coolest Pom Poms Cake

Homemade  Pom Poms Cake

I used a sports ball (soccer ball) cake pan for this Pom Poms Cake and made 2 boxed cakes, crumb coated them then used fondant to make a handle and cut some into strips for the streamers.