Coolest Monkey Cake

Homemade Monkey Cake

I made this homemade monkey cake for my son Mason’s 4th birthday. I started with baking a boxed cake mix in the Wilton monkey cake pan. I then iced the sides with white icing that I had thinned out a bit with water. All the dark brown icing is Wilton’s chocolate decorator’s icing. To creat … Read more

Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake

Homemade Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake

For her 7th birthday, my daughter Kaylie wanted a homemade Littlest Pet Shop birthday cake. Since there are no LPS cake pans out there, I knew I would have to get a little creative. Since her birthday is in April, I wanted to do a bright, spring setting with LPS figures and birthday props. I … Read more

Coolest Hello Kitty Rose Birthday Cake

Homemade Hello Kitty Rose Birthday Cake

I made this homemade Hello Kitty Rose birthday cake for my daughter Kaylie’s 4th birthday. When she said she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday, I immediately went out and bought a Hello Kitty candle. I decided to make a small tiered cake that looked like the cake next to Hello Kitty on the candle. I … Read more

Ariel Sits on the Beach Birthday Cake

Ariel Sits on the Beach

I made this Ariel cake for my daughter Kaylie’s fifth birthday. I first made a 9×13 cake in a glass cake pan. I cut the cake in half and used the discarded cake to create a hill on the cake left in the pan. I used graham crackers (crushed very fine with a rolling pin) … Read more

Ariel and Seashells Cake

Ariel and Seashells Cake

I made this cake in addition to an Ariel doll cake for my daughter’s fifth birthday. I think the best part of the cake was the yummy Cool Whip frosting: Ingredients • 1 cup milk • 1(3 1/2ounce)package instant pudding mix, any flavor • 1/4 cup powdered sugar • 8 ounces Cool Whip Directions 1. … Read more

Coolest Wilton Mickey Mouse Pan Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

I used Wilton’s Mickey Mouse cake pan to create this cake for my son Mason’s third birthday. To help get the white icing in the in between spots to go on better, I thinned it with a little water and warmed it slightly. I also used a baby spoon with cooking spray on it to … Read more

Coolest Kung Fu Panda Cake

Kung Fu Panda Cake - Dragon Scroll

I made this Kung Fu Panda cake for my nephew Noel’s 7th birthday. He wanted Kung Fu Panda but there are not many ideas out there yet so I decided to do the dragon scroll with Happy Birthday written on it in Chinese. To make the top and bottom of the scroll, I took pretzel … Read more

Coolest Slumbering Girls Birthday Cake

Homemade Slumbering Girls Birthday Cake

I made these Slumbering Girls cakes for my daughter Kaylie’s sixth birthday. I started by baking two cakes in mini loaf pans. These would be the beds. After they cooled, I iced both cakes in strawberry icing. Then, I made a marshmallow fondant in pink and blue. Fondant tints much easier if the color is … Read more

Coolest Cars Baseball Cake

Homemade Cars Baseball Cake

When my son, Mason, was turning 6, he was very much into the Cars movie and baseball. He couldn’t decide what kind of birthday cake he wanted, so he asked for a cake that was Cars and baseball. I had to think a bit on that one, but finally I decided on a baseball diamond … Read more