Coolest Homemade Hedgehog Cake

Homemade Hedgehog Cake

I saw this picture of a Hedgehog Cake in a recipe book in a book store and took a photo of the page with my mobile phone. I then set about trying to replicate it. I baked two round cakes in pyrex bowls, one small and one large. I cut two triangular shapes off the … Read more

Cute Homemade Ladybug Birthday Cake

Homemade Ladybug Birthday Cake

I saw a photo of this Ladybug cake and copied it from memory. I used a very large, fairly shallow, pyrex dish to bake the ladybird dome. I then cut 1/3 off for the face. I iced this black with plastic icing. I iced the ladybird’s body red and then stuck the two together with … Read more