Coolest Cup of Coffee Birthday Cake

Homemade Cup of Coffee Birthday Cake

My daughter attends a daycare center with the most wonderful teachers! The daycare director, Melanie, is a great person and she and I share a love of coffee and mochas. For her birthday, I surprised her with this Cup of Coffee cake at the daycare. The basic shape of the cake was achieved using the … Read more

Coolest Bag of Popcorn Birthday Cake

Homemade Bag of Popcorn Birthday Cake

This Bag of Popcorn cake was made for a neighbor whose daughter was having a movie-themed birthday party. Her invitations were shaped like popcorn so we decided to make her cake the same. She wanted 1/2 white cake and 1/2 chocolate, so this cake is 1/2 and 1/2 right down the middle. I trimmed the … Read more

Coolest Roller Skate Birthday Cake

Homemade Roller Skate Birthday Cake

This homemade Roller Skate birthday cake is a double layer, 8″ cake, frosted with buttercream frosting. I tinted a portion of frosting in Sky Blue and used a fat star tip to put polka dots around the outside of the cake, as well as a rope border around the bottom and top. I then tinted … Read more

Coolest WWE Wrestling Birthday Cake

This WWE Wrestling birthday cake was made for a friend whose husband is totally into professional wrestling! Like many of you, I don’t really like using fondant because it doesn’t taste great, but I did use some on this cake. The black is frosted with regular frosting, and the emblems are fondant. There’s plenty of … Read more