Cute Homemade 3D Monkey Cake

Monkey Cake

I was desperately trying to find a cute but age-appropriate cake for a 37-year-old. My husband’s nickname is “Monkey Boy” so I thought it would be funny to make this kind of cake. The cake itself is a white chiffon cake with a whipped strawberry filling (all homemade) and the recipes can be found at … Read more

Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

For my friend’s baby shower I made this diaper cake because I thought it would be cheaper than purchasing one pre-made. I started with 72 size one diapers and rolled them all up tying each with a ribbon. I then bundled those together to form three layers and used cake rounds between each layer. I … Read more

Coolest One Foot in the Grave Cake

Homemade One Foot in the Grave Cake

This cake is the result of a request for the theme “One foot in the grave.” My friend turned 43 this year, and I had no idea how to turn that into a cake. I found some ideas for a One Foot in the Grave Cake online, modified them, and came up with this. The … Read more