Coolest Homer Simpsons Birthday Cake

Homemade Homer Simpsons Birthday Cake

I made this Tiramisu / Homer Simpson birthday cake for my brother Nicolai’s 22nd birthday, since he loves both the Simpsons and mocha cakes. The sponge cake layers were made using a recipe for ladyfingers, but instead of piping ladyfingers, I spooned the mixture into three spring-form pans. Each layer was soaked in espresso and … Read more

Circuit Board Birthday Cake

Circuit Board Birthday Cake

I was inspired by the circuit board designs on this site, and made this cake for my fiance’s birthday. He builds high-end audio as a hobby, and I based the design of the cake on a circuit board that he recently designed (seen in the picture in front of the cake). I baked several sheet … Read more

Coolest South Korea Birthday Cake

Homemade South Korea Birthday Cake

I made this Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake for my Auntie Jee-Hee. She is from South Korea, so I decorated the cake using the South Korean flag and “happy birthday” in Korean. I made a classic chocolate sponge cake, which I cut into three thin layers after cooling. For the filling I made a French dark … Read more