Cool Homemade Incredible Hulk Cake

Incredible Hulk Cake

I made this Incredible Hulk cake for my husband’s birthday. Every year we do a birthday theme and this year it was the Incredible Hulk. The cake is two 9″ rounds and I used homemade buttercream fondant. I ended up sculpting the face from the fondant. I had a green fondant base and then added … Read more

Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

I made this Mickey Mouse cake as a first birthday smash cake. Basically I made an 8″ round cake and two cupcakes for the ears. I then used different colored buttercream for the icing. I drew on Mickey’s features(eyes, mouth, nose) freehand and hoped for the best. When I think back on this cake I … Read more

Coolest Santa Claus Cake

Santa Claus Cake

This Santa Clues cake was one of my earlier cakes when I first began decorating. I saw this cake in a magazine and decided to make my own Santa Claus for the holiday. This is actually a brownie cake baked in a silicone heart pan. When you decorate the face turn the heart upside down … Read more

Coolest Baseball Mascot Cake

Baseball Mascot Cake

I made this baseball mascot cake for a friend’s birthday party. She is really into baseball so I figured the mascot for her home team would be perfect. Thus the Philly fanatic cake was born. I made this cake by baking two 9″ round pans and one small Pyrex bowl( yes this can go in … Read more