Coolest Baby Blocks Cake

Baby Blocks Cake

I got this idea from seeing so many cool baby blocks cakes on this site (thanks to you all! This site rocks!). At first, I started with the blocks. I knew I wanted 4 blocks to spell out the word “BABY”, so I chose an 8″ square pan and baked two layers (it may take … Read more

Coolest Pucca Cake

Homemade Pucca Cake

A family friend loves the cartoon character, Pucca, so for her 9th birthday, I designed this tiered cake that is both kiddie and classy. I baked two 9″ round layers for the bottom tier and frosted it with red buttercream (took half a jar of coloring and about 30 minutes! Red is so difficult…). The … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Football Helmet Cake

Football Helmet cake

I used one cake mix box for this 6″ football helmet cake. I used a small dome pan (the inside pan from the Betty Crocker Bake n’ Fill set) and 6″ round pan to make this. I stacked the dome shape on top of the flat round layer, putting a layer of icing in between, … Read more