Cool Homemade Hot Dog And Fries Cake

Homemade Hot Dog and Fries Cake

This Hot Dog and Fries cake is such a fun, easy cake to make. It’s a bit of a cheat because it starts with a purchased pound cake. I cut the ends of it off and then into strips – this becomes the fries. In a dollar store, I found plastic cups which, when filled … Read more

Coolest X Box Cake

Homemade XBox Cake

What can I say, it’s an Xbox cake! We make a variety of cakes for the school and this is one of the them. The cake walk is a big deal in our family and a lot of thought goes into which cakes to do. We love it! We use fondant for any of the … Read more

Coolest Sword And Shield Birthday Cake

Homemade Sword And Shield Birthday Cake

This Sword And Shield Birthday Cake was for a family friend on his 13th birthday. The shield shape was easy to do – just cutting a rectangular cake to shape. The cupcakes were simple buttercream with terrific soldier figurines we got at a local cake supply store. The sword itself was made of gum paste … Read more

Cool Homemade History Graduation Cake

Homemade Graduation Cake

I made a large “history” book for this Graduation Cake because grade 12 is now history! The cake was vanilla and the graduation cap was chocolate. The top of the cap is cardboard for stability and the result looks pretty good, I think.

Cool Homemade Hot Wheels Cake

Homemade Hot Wheels Cake

This Hot Wheels Cake was your basic rectangle, jazzed up! Covered in yellow fondant, the base of the cake was decorated with tires shaped out of fondant. We made the cones out of fondant as well as the roadway. The flags are just photocopied pictures on skewers. The cars are toys for the birthday boy. … Read more