Coolest Baby Shower Basket Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

I iced this white baby shower basket cake with sky blue buttercream. Mark off the top quarter and then use a dough cutter to mark a circle for the face. Fill in the circle with skin-colored buttercream. Then pipe features in black. Now, cover the remaining 3/4 of the cake in the basketweave design. Pipe … Read more

Cool Homemade Uniqua Cake

Homemade Uniqua Super Spy Cake

This Uniqua cake was fashioned after the Backyardigans “Master of Disguise” party invitation that you can print off the web. Start with one 9-inch round and one 10-inch round cake. Shape a body from the 10-inch cake by carving away bottom and side pieces to form knee and elbow. Use one of those pieces for … Read more

Coolest Calculator Cake

Homemade Calculator Cake

I made this Calculator Cake for a friend’s husband who was celebrating a big event in his career as an accountant. The bottom cake layer was made in a 9×13-inch pan and the top layer was made in a 6×9-inch toaster oven casserole pan. The cream cheese frosting was tinted with barely a drop of … Read more

Cool Homemade Valentine Cake

Homemade Valentine Cake

Here’s an easy Valentine cake made with the techniques I learned in my first cake decorating course. I used the middle-sized pan from a set of three heart-shaped cake pans to make a white cake with raspberry filling (be sure it is seedless). If you’re making cake from a mix, use only the egg whites … Read more

Coolest Surfing Birthday Cake

Homemade Surfing Birthday Cake

The girls wanted a birthday cake they could help make. So when we saw this idea of a Surfing Birthday Cake in a book, we knew it was the perfect candidate. And we love how it turned out. It is our favorite cake yet! We used pre-made blue fondant: 1.5 lbs for the cake and … Read more