Awesome CV-22 Osprey Cake

CV22 Osprey

This CV-22 Osprey cake is three feet long and almost 55 pounds. It was a giant cake made for the military. It took 2 people to move it and was a 1/20th scale replica with a wood and pvc skeleton, scaling all the dimensions from the actual plane. I used rice cereal treats  for bottom 2 inches, and 6 … Read more

Coolest Converse Shoe Cake

Homemade Converse Shoe Cake

This Converse shoe cake was made by using rectangle cakes, iced, and stacked about four or five high. Then you get a nice serrated knife and start carving. I don’t like templates or cut outs; just do it freehand. Start by taking off only a little at a time to get the shape right.(remember- you … Read more

Cool Homemade Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

I made this Guitar Hero Birthday Cake for a twelve year old who loved the game. Two layers of sheet cake that were cut from a template I made by tracing the actual guitar on some poster board. I iced it and wrapped it with fondant and then put the details on it.

Coolest R2D2 Cake

Homemade R2D2 Cake

This R2D2 cake was for a ten year old’s birthday. He is/was a huuuuge Star Wars fan and this was a surprise cake. I had open range on characters but decided to go with R2 because he seemed to be the coolest to me. I constructed a wooden base with the legs made out of … Read more

Coolest Plane Cake

Homemade AWACS Plane Cake

This was an AWACS military plane cake for a birthday/ going off to work in party. Came in at three feet long with an almost three foot wingspan. Weighed about thirty pounds. Used cake for the fuselage and rice crispy treats for the wings, tail and radar.