Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Abrianas Castle Cake

I started with a 2 layer stacked cake baked in 10″ pan covered in white buttercream icing. Then topped with with a smaller 2 layer cake iced pink. No particular pan used for top tier. I carved it out of extra cake left over from her #1 smash cake. Windows and doors are piped lattice … Read more

Coolest Hamburger Cake Design

Homemade Hamburger Cake Design

Here it is! An awesome 9in. Hamburger Cake Design. Think you could handle it? This is what happens when the self taught cake decorator asks her friend “What should I bring to the church picnic?” I started with 2 8in cakes (pans should be greased and floured for easy cake removal). Have icing colors mixed … Read more

Coolest Beach Ball Cake Idea

Homemade Beach Ball Cake Idea

I used the Wilton’s ‘Ball Pan’ for this Beach Ball Cake Idea. You will need: 1 cake mix, 4-6 cups icing, 4 pipe bags, #3 tip, and 4 #17 tips, colors in green, blue & orange, cake board, angled spatula, finely crushed graham crackers. Mix one box of cake mix. Be sure to grease and … Read more