Coolest Cricket Pitch Cake

I was a bit pressed for time for this cricket pitch cake as it turned out to be a surprise for my twelve year old. I baked two round cakes and layered them. I then decorated with butter icing. I used chocolate log biscuits for fence and stumps. The chocolate variety for the fence was … Read more

Prettiest Princess Handbag Cake

Prettiest Princess Handbag Cake

This Princess handbag cake is definitely one of my better cakes. I made this for my 10 year old daughter who has an obsession with purple. I didn’t have a clue about how I would get the cake to stand upright, so I Googled a few pictures and watched a few youtube videos. I must say the snippets … Read more

Coolest Train Birthday Cake

Coolest Train Birthday Cake

I used a floor tile as a base as the cake boards that I had were too small to create the scene that I had envisaged. I baked mini chocolate logs and decorated each log as a mini carriage. I used log biscuits and liquorice as the tracks and decorated either side of the tile … Read more

Coolest Dressing Table Cake Design

Homemade Dressing Table Cake Design

This homemade dressing table cake design was rather easy to make. I used a shaped, cake pan which made the dressing table easier to “sculpt”. Then I just placed all her toys that were lying around to beautify the top. Saved lots of time as I don’t know how to sculpt marzipan and was able … Read more

Coolest Trinket Box Cake

Homemade Trinket Box Cake

I simply used 2 heart shaped cakes for the base and lid of the Homemade Trinket Box Cake. I also made a mini loaf which I then cut up in order to “prop” the lid heart of the trinket box onto the base heart so that a gap was created to allow for the flowing … Read more

Coolest Stove Cake

Homemade Stove Cake

I thought this Homemade Stove Cake would be simple to make using a square cake pan and then just halving it and setting the one half upright as the backdrop of the stove. Boy was I mistaken. The cake was too soft to stay upright and I had to “prop” it up with a packet … Read more

Coolest Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake

I got the inspiration from a birthday cake party book. I made this Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake using 2 loaf size pans. One loaf was shaped for the front and the second loaf was used as is. The icing is chocolate flavoured butter icing. I used simple ready made biscuits: Oreo biscuits for wheels and … Read more

Coolest Police Van Cake

Homemade Police Van Cake

This Homemade Police Van Cake was a very rushed attempt at a surprise for my son who was coming back from school and had no idea that I was planning anything. I used 3 loaves, 2 of which I stacked on top of each other and the third one, I halved and tapered off to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Airplane Cake

Homemade Airplane Cake

I baked this Homemade Airplane Cake for my son’s 6th birthday. I used two large rectangular shaped cakes, which I then cut and layered after following a layout on this site (aiplane cake 08). The cut-out (though a square and mine a rectangle) enabled me to use the entire cake with all the cut outs, … Read more

Cute Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake With Candies

Homemade Fire Engine Birthday Cake

I was inspired by the many Fire Engine Birthday Cakes on this site and when my 3 year old son asked for a “fire truck” cake, I hoped it would be less daunting than I thought, and it was. I baked 2 standard loaf cakes and 2 mini loaf cakes. I wrapped the 2 mini … Read more