Coolest Present Cake

Polka Dot Present Cake

I made this present cake for a baby shower that was polka-dot themed. I used 6 cake mixes and made layers of 9×9 square pans, and then stacked them all up. They were given a coat of buttercream. I made fondant from marshmallows and water and rolled it out and put it on the sides. … Read more

Coolest Treasure Island Cake

Treasure Island Cake

I made this treasure island cake for a friend’s child’s 4th birthday. He was having a pirate theme. I made a half sheet cake, and then sculpted down the “ocean” so that the island was higher. I made blue frosting for the water and tan frosting for the island. I sprinkled brown sugar over the … Read more

3 Cool Homemade Graduation Cap Cakes

Graduation Caps

I made this graduation cake for my sister’s graduation from college, my daughter’s graduation from high school, and my nephew’s graduation from Jr. High. For the hat part, I made round cakes and frosted them black. For the mortars, I melted chocolate candy melts and put them in a square pan, and let it harden … Read more

Cool Homemade Patriotic Birthday Cake

Red, White & Blue Stars Forever

I was asked to do a patriotic birthday cake for a person having her 75th birthday, which happens to be on the 4th of July. The plate takes away from the cake a bit, but I think it was still cute. We made the cake in a star cake pan. We frosted it with white … Read more