Coolest Dora and 3D Boots Cake

Dora Cake

I made this Dora and 3D Boots cake by baking an 11×15 half sheet cake, and then cutting out the Dora and grass shapes. The Dora shape was retrieved from the internet, cut out, and used as a guide when cutting the cake. The cake doesn’t have to be cut into the exact shape of … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Cake

Spongebob and Bikini Island

I baked two, two layer tiers to build this Spongebob cake. The cake flavor is French vanilla. I frosted the cake with butter cream frosting. Remember to make sure that you level the layers of cake before stacking them, or your tiers will be crooked, or even slide off of the cake board. I covered … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

This Sesame Street cake was the second tier cake that I had ever made. I was amazed that it came out straight. The top tier is two layers of strawberry cake with red butter cream frosting. My son devoured it. The middle tier was a two layer Swiss chocolate cake with blue butter cream frosting. … Read more