Coolest Scooby Doo Cake

Scooby Doo Cake

My cakes are home made and hand drawn with jam and buttercream in with or without icing. Make sponge recipe: 4 eggs, 7once butter, 3 ounce caster sugar, 8 ounce flour, vanilla for flavouring and for the icing make some moulding icing two cover cake. Then I drew picture with icing pen then filled in … Read more

Simple Homemade Halloween Ghost Cake

Halloween Ghost Cake

I made this Halloween ghost cake for a party for some body I knew. I made a 10 inch square tin sponge cake from scratch, Victoria sponge recipe with jam and cream in the middle. Put green butter cream in and strawberry jam then I covered it with moulding icing. I drew a ghost in … Read more

Easy Homemade Sports Cake

Homemade Sports Cake

I made this sports cake for my friend at work for her son’s birthday. I drew a cricket bat and ball, a football, Leicester city football top on top of the cake. All my cakes are all home made and hand drawn.