Coolest Watermelon Cake

Homemade Watermelon Cake

This Watermelon Cake was made early in my cake decorating endeavors, so covered in star tips! Sheesh! I used the Wilton round ball cake pan for the wedges; I baked a whole ball (two halves) but only ended up using one half (two quarters.) I used and one 10″ cake cut in half and stacked … Read more

Cool Homemade Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Cake

Homemade Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Cake

This Hannah Montana Electric Guitar Cake was, believe it or not, cut from a 1/4 sheet with very little waste. Took the side off the 1/4 sheet, used it for the neck, and carved the shape of the body, using one small piece for the top of the neck. All buttercream icing and airbrush. I … Read more

Coolest Roasted Turkey Cake

Homemade Roasted Turkey Cake

Everyone seems to spend a lot of time carving round cakes or something, I highly recommend using the Wilton football cake pan – make 2 cakes and put them together, then simply notch the edges! The secret to getting this Roasted Turkey Cake just right was a 4 day process – day four, fondant cranberries … Read more