Coolest Homemade Blue Handbag Birthday Cake

Homemade Handbag Birthday Cake

I made this Handbag Birthday Cake for a carer who looks after my mum-in-law at a local nursing home. It is a 6inch butter Madeira spongecake and I sliced a piece off one side to give it a handbag shape, then split it and filled it with jam and buttercream and turned it on its … Read more

Coolest Ever 1st Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade 1st Birthday Cake Idea

I made this 1st Birthday Cake Idea for my grandson Mac’s first birthday. Its a butter Madeira sponge cake which I split and filled with jam and vanilla buttercream. I crumb coated it with buttercream and covered it with sugar paste which I coloured green with gel food colouring to make a marble effect. I … Read more

Coolest Princess Castle Cake Design

Homemade Princess Castle Cake Design

This Princess Castle Cake Design is a Madeira sponge recipe, layered with jam and buttercream and crumb coated with buttercream. I then covered it with fondant icing (sugarpaste. The towers are plastic tubes which I covered with fondant and the tops are ice cream cones done the same way and stuck together with edible glue. … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I made this Castle Birthday Cake for a friend of my daughter’s little girl’s third birthday. As it had to travel, I dowelled the towers which were plastic rolls covered with glycerin icing, and ice cream cones for the tops. I split an 8inch butter Madeira sponge cake and filled it with jam and cream. … Read more

Coolest Princess Birthday Cake Design

I made this Princess Birthday Cake Design for my granddaughter’s third birthday party. I made a similar one for my daughter 30 years ago, so thought I would have another stab at it. I was pleased with the result. I made a Victoria sponge mixture in a large Pyrex bowl. When cooled I split it … Read more

Coolest Superheroes Birthday Cake

Homemade Superheroes Birthday Cake

This Homemade Superheroes Birthday Cake is Fondant covered 8inch, 6inch and 4inch chocolate cakes filled with white chocolate and vanilla buttercream. All the characters are 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. I really enjoyed making this for a 5year old little boy’s birthday and got my inspiration from other cake pictures. I forgot to take pictures of … Read more

Coolest Animal Farm Birthday Cake Idea 62

Homemade Animal Farm  Birthday Cake Idea

I got quite carried away making the animals for this Animal Farm Birthday Cake Idea. It was so much fun. Both cakes are butter Madeira, layered with vanilla buttercream and fondant covered and the animals are 50/50 fondant and gumpaste.

Coolest Sailing Ship Birthday Cake

Homemade Sailing Ship Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Sailing Ship Birthday Cake for my grandson Miller, for his 9th birthday. The cake was made in a loaf tin, split and filled with jam and white chocolate buttercream, and crumb coated in vanilla buttercream, then fondant iced. I modeled the boy and birds in sugarpaste, also the sail. The mast … Read more

Coolest Super Mario Birthday Cake

Homemade Super Mario Birthday Cake

I have just finished this Super Mario Birthday Cake for a friend of my grandson whose 9th birthday is later this week. It was a very easy cake to make and I copied most of my ideas from this website. The cake is an 8inch butter Madeira sponge, split and filled with jam and buttercream, … Read more