Cool Homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake

Homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake

This Homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake is a quarter sheet cake. We colored the red buttercream a day before so the color would intensify. We’ve found that if the colored buttercream sits for a day, the color gets deeper and we don’t have to use all the red coloring to get it that deep. … Read more

Coolest Elmo Spongebob Cake

Homemade  Elmo Spongebob Cake

I made this Elmo Spongebob Cake for my twin nephews. One of course likes Elmo and the other Spongebob. It’s a half sheet cake. I made the Elmo base relief by taking the portion of cake I cut to level it and mixed it with frosting. I moulded it into Elmo’s face and put it … Read more

Coolest Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

I made this Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake for a 2 yr old boy’s birthday party. I made Thomas’ face from fondant. I baked a 11 x 18 white cake with strawberry filling. I made a smaller white cake that I cut to size to fit Thomas’ face, so it would stick up on … Read more

Coolest Tangled Birthday Cake

Homemade Tangled Birthday Cake

We were asked to make a Homemade Tangled Birthday Cake and thought it would be great idea to have her hair wrap around the outside of the cake! We made a 10″ cake, torted and filled it, and covered the entire cake with a crumb coat. We printed a coloring picture off the internet, which … Read more

Coolest Homemade Luau Cake

Homemade Luau Cake

My friend threw a surprise party for her husband with a Hawaii theme. I made this Coolest Homemade Luau Cake. The bottom layer was 11 x 18 chocolate with banana-Bavarian cream filling. The next layer up was a 10 x 3 white cake with chopped cherries/macadamia nuts with pineapple/toasted coconut filling. And the top layer … Read more

Adorable Homemade Cookie Monster Sheet Cake

Homemade Cookie Monster Cake

First, thank you for this website! It has been a tremendous tool and inspiration when designing cakes! I started this Cookie Monster Cake with a 9×13 cake and trimmed off the slight dome. I added the picture by using one I found on-line and tracing it onto the cake. I first traced the outside of … Read more