Coolest Tortoise Birthday Cake

My son is animal mad and wanted a tortoise for his birthday. I’m busy enough looking after my 3 boys and decided that as a real tortoise was out of the question. I would make this cake as an alternative. He loved it ! I baked a basic dairy and egg free sponge (due to … Read more

Coolest Timmy the Lamb Cake

Homemade Timmy the Lamb Cake

This cake was a labour of love! I made 2 pudding bowl sponges sandwiched together with jam, using the smaller for the head and the larger for the body. I used a small ‘Timmy’ toy as a model. I started by cutting the shape for the face from black fondant and attaching it to the … Read more

Cool Homemade Space Birthday Cake

Homemade Space Birthday Cake

This was for my sons 7th birthday. It is a basic sponge covered with butter icing and fondant icing. Fondant was also used to make the space-man, rocket and aliens. Lumps of fondant were placed under the covering to form the ‘craters’. Small pieces of fondant were rolled to make ‘moon rocks which were great … Read more

Coolest Lightsaber Cake

Homemade Lightsaber Cake

I was asked to make a Star Wars cake for a friends daughters birthday. I got my inspiration from the other cakes on this site – thank you. I made 2 oblong sponge cakes using the fabulous Lakeland multicake tin. I lay these in a line and trimmed to make the ‘sabre’ shape. I sliced … Read more