Coolest Butterfly Princess Baby Shower Diaper Cake 70

Homemade Butterfly Princess Baby Shower Diaper Cake

I found the diaper cake idea online and really enjoyed it. I was planning a baby shower for my sister who is in love with anything butterfly. My homemade butterfly princess baby shower diaper cake is constructed of little more than 2 pks of 50 count size one diapers, a roll of paper towels, rubberbands, … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Dress Cake

Homemade Butterfly Dress Cake

This was only my 2nd cake to ever make and decorate with icing and piping. It was fairly simple. I used super moist cake, as I like it best and fluffy icing from the little containers. I made this homemade butterfly dress cake for my sister’s baby shower. Obviously it was a little girl she … Read more